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If you already know you like weed and you happen to be in one of those lucky states that allow for recreational pot, light up and see for yourself. Cannabis is the most popular illegal drug in the world but weed smokers often say mixed things about how having a spliff impacts sex. To learn more, click here. The year-old has her own cooking show Baking A Fool of myself where she entices viewers with her sultry cooking style. Now, although the results clearly put alcohol to shame, we're not saying the next time you get under the covers you should be doing either. Geneticists have already begun creating special low-THC strains of weed that are designed to help women orgasm, weed suppositories that help ease period cramps, and weed-based lubricants.

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There was simply no other sensation quite like sex while I was stoned.

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This is what smoking cannabis does to your penis

Based on the personal experiences of 24 individuals, scientists concluded that, after a night on the slosh, people that had done the deed while inebriated were more likely to regret it the next day. Once I rolled up a joint, though, I became my self-lubricating, horny, weed-goddess self. On most weekdays, you can find me sitting at my desk with one hand twirling fingers through my hair as I scroll through Twitter. While most of the effects happen in your brainresearch suggests that it can have a profound impact on the penis too. Smoking transformed the entire environment from awkward to sensual, and I felt myself becoming more open and in touch with my body.

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